DreamHack is a Swedish digital festival, the largest in the world. It's a local area network gathering with live concerts and competitions in digital art and eSports that was first held in Malung, Sweden. DreamHack consists of several events held throughout Europe and America.

It is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records and Twin Galaxies as being the world's largest LAN party and computer festival, as well as having the world's fastest Internet connection, and the most generated traffic. The Internet connection record was beaten in 2012 by the second largest computer festival in the world: The Gathering in Norway.

DreamHack-Locations around the world:

- Jonköping, Sweden (DreamHack Summer & Winter)

- Malmö, Sweden (DreamHack Masters)

- Las Vegas, USA (DreamHack Masters)

- Denver, USA

- Montreal, Canada

- Atlanta, USA

- Tours, France

- Valencia, Spain

- Leipzig, Germany

- Bucharest, Romania


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